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Learn to Knook: Knook in the Round Left-Handed

I finished up a hat this weekend, and it got me thinking about all of the reasons why I look working in the round.

For starters, I save a lot of time by not turning.  It seems like a silly thing to say, but once I'm good in settled in a seat with a cup of coffee and some yarn I don't like interruptions.  I'm not as likely to get my yarn tangled around my project, or accidentally pull stitches off the needle by moving a certain way.  The work stays firmly in my hands and just moving smoothly around and around to make something is pretty fun.

Also, there's no 'wrong' side.  I get nervous about doing anything on the wrong side.  I also get weird about words, but you've probably already figured that out.  I read somewhere that a more accurate way to describe a project is to refer to the outside of a garment and the inside of the garment.  But most people say 'wrong side' and so I always think that purl rows are ugly and wrong and that's where your loose strands of yarn are hiding.  Working in the round lets me pretend that none of that is happening.


Lastly, no seams.  Hooray!  I understand seaming together sweater pieces or afghan blocks, but whenever I see a pattern for a hat that's knitted or crocheted flat and then stitched up I just back away slowly.  If I wanted to sew, I'd sew.  Like I said, I don't like interruptions.  (And like I also said, I get weird.)

Interested in Knooking in the round?  Well, lucky you.  Here's your left-handed Knooking video:

I really think I may try to make mittens with a Knook.  It's such a small project and I'd only have one needle and no double pointed needles!  They stress me out.  There's just so many of them and I worry about dropping them.  Plus, I'm pretty excited about the idea of decrease rounds with a hook because I won't have to worry about the work getting stretched.  (Sometimes that happens before I move my knitting from the circular needles to the DPNs.)  Since I never have to worry about that when I'm crocheting, I think the Knook would be pretty great at easing the nervousness I already have about mittens.

I like that about the Knook.  It takes things that might feel scary (even if they're really not) and makes them feel a little safer.  You've got your hook and your trusty line of security and happiness and that makes a lovely safety net.  Which then frees you up to try new techniques and make new lovely things.

And that is a lovely thing, indeed.

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