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Learn to Knook: Purl 2 Stitches Together Left-Handed

Dear Left-Handed Knookers,

This is for you:

Video can also be found here.


I should probably say more about purling two stitches together, though.  Purling two stitches is just like knitting two stitches together, only you're purling.  Sometimes you need to use this decrease technique because you're working the purl side of your fabric, or maybe you just like the look of a purled decrease instead of a knitted one.  Maybe, maybe you just feel like it!  It's important to learn several decrease methods so you can pick out the ones you like best. 

I don't know if it sounds silly, but I felt smarter after I learned lots of different stitches and techniques.  In theory, I should be reading books and blog with a furrowed brow and a serious mouth as I tuck away this knowledge for future use.  And I do make my serious face whenever I'm actually trying out something new for the first time.  But when I'm reading about That Thing I've Always Heard About But Never Tried, and it starts to make sense to me I feel really smart.  And, honestly, a little smug.

Then I'm a little distracted by my excitement and smugness, and so I kind of miss the point about learning stuff.

Thank goodness for videos.

Like the one up there!

I have to say, though, if you are more of a book-learner then 1) why do you read these posts?  Bless your heart, keep reading them because it makes me feel better and I still think it's helpful to see processes in action, and 2) every Knook pattern book has detailed instructions and pictures of techniques.  But keep coming back here.  I'd miss you if you didn't.

Happy Knooking!

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