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Learn to Knook: Purl Two Stitches Together Through the Back Loops Left Handed

Hi there!  I think I spent most of my morning's allotted blogging time either trying to get my computer up and running again, or struggling to find the video for purling two stitches together through the back loops left handed.  I don't know why I wasn't finding it, but I wasn't.  And then I did!

Here you go!

(Can also be viewed on the Leisure Arts website in high definition here.)

Now that you've watched the video, you're probably wondering what the fuss is about.  The left-handed method of purling together through the back loops looks so much simpler than the right-handed method.  I'm not sure that it actually is, but seeing the work from another angle made it make a lot more sense for me.  I know I say it every time, but I really like the left-handed videos.

I have yet to find a reason to purl two stitches together through the back loops (p2tbl in some patterns), but I'm looking forward to trying.  I'm currently doing a lot of knitting two stitches together right now, and some variety would be nice.  Or maybe not.  This is a Christmas gift and I'm on a schedule.  Or I would be if I had a schedule.  I'm just grabbing yarns and needles that go together and making things.  There's a pair of bootees for my husband I should probably get started on right now because he's large and I would like to give them to him on Christmas morning.  Instead, I'm trying to finish up some things I'm making for my family when we have our celebration one week after Christmas.

I'm shaking my head at myself a little.  Why do I do this?

(Probably because I'm going to have to play with the needles a little before I find out what looks best on his feet.  Which is not a very good excuse when I see it all typed out.  Boo.)

Anyway, I'm currently knitting a hat and Knooking a dishcloth.  After that is two more (very simple) knitted hats and one more Knooked dishcloth.  I'm feeling triumphant, but I'm not taking into account the part where Christmas is less than a week away, and I'm starting to wonder how much knitting time I'll have this weekend.  Whatever! I'm filled with holiday cheer and wild-eyed optimism!  Or something!

Okay, I need to wrap this up, but I thought I'd leave you with this picture of yet another dishcloth.

Oh, tiny WIPs.  So full of hope and promise.

Please excuse the light, lack thereof.  I wake up a little early to write these posts before the day gets started, and I don't think the sun comes out until 10.  Darn you, winter!  Still.  It's been a little while since I offered up photographic proof that I was Knooking, and I didn't want to look like a liar.  So there's the Sunny (ha) dishcloth in Dishcloths Made with the Knook.  I'm using Sugarn' Cream cotton yarn and the H/8 Knook.  I've only done one and a half pattern repeats, but I can already tell that I'm going to like making this one! 

I hope your holiday making is going well!

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