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Learn to Knook: Stockinette Stitch

Well, this is a little embarrassing.

Do you ever do that thing where you're happily going through your day when you're suddenly hit by the unwelcome knowledge that you monumentally screwed up and all you can do about it is laugh at yourself in a really horrified way and say "Oh, this is bad."?  Surely you do that.

I (obviously) do that, because that's exactly what I did when I was trying to think of what to post today and I was looking through posts and there was a nagging feeling that something just seemed a little off.....

We never talked about the stockinette stitch.  Actually, I never did.  You may have been muttering at your computer screen for quite some time.

The stockinette stitch!  So simple!  So basic!  So great!

I vaguely remember saying something about it in a purl post because if you can knit and purl, you can work the stockinette stitch.  But hey, maybe showing a tutorial video would have been helpful for people who are new at this sort of thing!  Maybe someone would have liked that!  Did you ever think of that, Jennifer?

(Clearly, this is seriously stuff when I call myself Jennifer.)

I must have thought it at some time, because the Internet is telling me I already watched the video for it.  I guess had good intentions?  I watched again just now and it's as clear and helpful and you could ever hope for a tutorial video to be.  Lucky you!

Video can also be found here.

Work done in the stockinette stitch is the most recognizable type of knitting--smooth on one side, bumpy on the other.  The edges tend to curl up on plain stockinette fabric.  That's why, if you were doing a plain stockinette afghan or something similar, you'd probably have garter stitch or ribbing around the edges.  It's a thinner fabric than ribbed knitting or garter stitch, and it lays nicely and can drape well and I could go on and on.  When I started knitting, I thought stockinette stitch was 'real' knitting because that was how jersey fabrics and sweaters and hats and every commercially knitted thing I had looked.  Sadly, those stockinette scarves didn't work out so well. 

Poor eleven-year-old Jennifer.

(I'm not being serious this time.  I just wasn't Jen until a little while later.)

Obviously, I've recovered.  Any knitting is 'real' knitting, but if using your Knook to work stockinette stitches makes you feel like you've started the 'real' knit stitches then good for you!  But seriously, get an edge on that thing.  Garter stitch, man.  Garter stitch.

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