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Resolutions and Wild Hopes for the New Year

It's that time of year again!  Yes, my birthday. 

For some reason, I don't have a lot of luck with keeping my New Year's resolutions.  But I do tend to stick to the list of goals I make for myself every year on my birthday.  I know I'm not the only person who makes lists about what I want to make/learn/try out in the year ahead, and I'd love to hear what you want to do next year.

Here are my craft-related goals for the last year:

  • make doll clothes
  • make a dress for my daughter
  • sew a quilt
  • make something to enter in the state fair
  • learn to knit mittens
  • knit a sweater for myself
  • learn to knit cables

 So doll clothes.  My daughter still doesn't have the coordination to dress a doll, so I don't feel like she's too very deprived by my failure on this front.  I would say "maybe next year," but I think it might happen the year after that.

A dress for my daughter.  I am extremely happy that I did this.  It was pretty simple, and had to be, because I was making the whole thing by hand.  I made this dress based on this pattern (for newborns!), and it was a bit snug. (Sweater patterns for newborns sometimes fit this girl. Sewing is different.)

But then I made this one, and it was a bit large.  But one of my favorite things about the little girl is that she just keeps growing.  So now we have a dress she can enjoy for a couple of summers.

I'm not sure why I thought pole beans would be a great backdrop.

Sew a quilt.  I'm not sure why this was on the list, other than I just like quilts?  I'm not too sure.  I didn't have anyone to make a quilt for, so I guess it's okay that I didn't cross this one off the list.  I do like quilts, though, and I really need a reason to keep growing this scrap fabric pile.

Make something to enter in the state fair.  I can't believe I didn't do this!  I haven't entered anything in the state fair since I was 17 and submitting my sloppy-looking granny square collection all sewed together with mismatched yarn.  (I wonder where the pictures of that afghan are.  I don't know if I'd show them to you....) And even that won a ribbon!  I'm not sure what's holding me back.

Learn to knit mittens.  I'm not sure why that's crossed out.  But I crossed it off my list this summer.  Oh.

Apparently something about this picture said "success" to me at one point in time.

Knit a sweater for myself.  Oh dear.  There were a couple of very serious attempts, but then I unraveled them.  They just weren't sweaters I'd want to wear.

Knit cables.


Other crafting accomplishments for this year:

I'm learning how to Knook!  I didn't even know that was a thing when I turned 29, so that's cool. 

I made some amigurumi.

I made 3 (!!!) sweaters for my little girl.

I (finally) learned how to do a proper yarnover.

And how to do a three needle bind off.

And why my projects don't always turn out like the picture in the pattern book even when I follow the instructions very closely.

So what do I want to learn/do/try in the next year?  Well, I'm so glad you asked.  Or at least I'm going to pretend you did because I want to tell you.

Jen's Hopes and Dreams for Year 30/2013 Resolutions
  • Make pretty mittens.  That look like mittens and fit people's hands.
  • Make a sweater for myself.
  • Make a quilt.  Maybe just for fun.
  • Make something for the state fair.
  • Learn to follow charts.
  • Learn to knit a shawl.  With a pattern and maybe even charts. Gasp!
  • Learn to make socks.  Maybe.  They might be knitted.  They might be crocheted.  They might just be old t-shirts I sewed into tubes and called socks.  Only time will tell.

That's 7 goals and I have almost no intention of meeting one of them (hint: it's socks).  So that puts me at learning or trying something new every couple of months on top of learning new Knook things and regular projects and then blogging about them.  That might not be so daunting!  And I would feel like I'm really cool if I could master even half of those skills up there.  At the risk of looking like a huge nerd (because you had no idea before now), I have to say how much I love lists.  And I'm really excited about this one.  I'm more excited for the year ahead than ever before!

What are your goals for next year (craft-related or otherwise)?  I want to know!

2 thoughts on “Resolutions and Wild Hopes for the New Year”

  • Stitch 'n Frog

    Well, my Goals for 2013 include, but are not limited to . . . . 1) Make several dozen Amigurumi to give to children at the Wiregrass Christmas Celebration.2) Socks! I hope to crochet at least a half-dozen pairs of socks for myself, and one pair for hubby to see if he likes them too.3) Crochet the sweater that my dear friend Jennifer gave me yarn for.4) Learn to needle felt, and make 5 cats, one each for my daughter, a friend at the Agrirama, my son & DIL, another friend, and myself. I ordered a kit, so maybe it will happen~Crochet sets of Little Dress and Little Britches dishcloths to sell at the Wiregrass Christmas - this time WITH the poem.Crochet hats and squares for those who need them.Learn to cook healthier meals. After all, at 68 I really do need to cook better meals for us. My body isn't as young and resiliant as it once was~ LOL

    • Jen

      Oh wow, I love all your goals! They're really specific and you are crazy ambitious! Best of luck to you, and I hope you enjoy those better meals.

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