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Granny Square Appreciation Post

Have you ever wished this blog was just a bunch of pictures of granny square-related crafts?

No?  Because you know how photosets in flickr work?  As well as boards on Pinterest?

Well, then.  I'm very about today's post because I took pictures of some of my granny square things over the weekend because I feel like the granny square deserves its own post every now and then.

It's no secret that I love granny squares.  They're just so versatile!  It's like building blocks!  But with yarn!

Here are a few of my granny square possessions.

This is an afghan from my Mamaw.

The lady can do just about anything with scrap yarn and the evening news to entertain her while she works.  When I was younger, she let me pull out a bunch of her granny squares for counting.  It was awesome.  I didn't know you could mix so many colors.

I know now!

This is an afghan I made for my husband when we were dating.  He was moving off-campus, and I thought it would be nice of me to make him a housewarming afghan.  He had always wanted a quilt, but I had no plans to make one a few months into a relationship.  Somehow an afghan didn't seem like it would be as much work.

Yesterday, I spread the afghan across our king size bed and realized that with all of the trips I made to Wal-Mart for Red Heart solids that summer, all of the time I spent on it, and the sheer freaking size of this thing that I probably shouldn't have bothered telling him he'd have to give it back to me if we broke up.  We are obviously going to be together a really long time if I love him this much.

Sure enough, the next thing I crocheted for him was a stocking.  Out of granny squares, of course!  I think it was our second married Christmas and I wanted us to have somewhat matching stockings.  We really do use them for our little stocking stuffers and you can fit a surprising amount of candy in them. 

Two years after that, I made a stocking with the same brand of yarn (Reggia?) for our still-in-the-belly daughter.  I made some odd little things while I was nesting, but it still makes me smile when I pull it out and decorate with it anyway.

This one was a little tricky to take pictures of, but I had to show it to you.  My Mamaw (the one who made the afghan up there) made this for me when I was 9 or so and I loved it.

And yes, it's all granny squares.

I have no idea if I can get my daughter to wear this when she's older, but I've been saving it for this long and I plan to keep doing so.  I love it.  It's beautiful, and I wish I knew where to find the pattern.

My Mamaw taught me to make granny squares, which in turn is why this afghan was one of the first things I made my daughter.  I started it a few months before she was born, and I finished it a few months after she came along.

I used the brightest, most cheerful, and most washable yarn I could find--Vanna's Choice Solids.  It was a good call for a vibrant and messy girl.  We snuggle under it to read books and watch cartoons now, and when she was smaller she loved it as a pallet.


My baby, back when she was an actual baby.

The afghan should be large enough to last her for a while, and I hope she loves it long after that.  I'll say it again.  I LOVE GRANNY SQUARES!  I love seeing what colors people use, and I love the things you can make with them, and I love how they use up leftover yarn.  I love that you can make one and set it aside for future use.  I love that they're my best chance at making afghans.  I love that I have about 180, just ready for.... something.  Anything.

(I pulled them out this weekend and a friend and I went through them just for fun.  Because that's what we think is fun.)

I love them so much a small, crazy part of me wants to try to crochet every granny square in the book 99 Squares to Crochet.  I know better than to make it one of my resolutions for the year, but I still kind of want to do it anyway.  Because, you know.   I love granny squares.

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