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Learn to Knook: Back Cables

More cables!  The only difference between front cables and back cables is that your held stitches are held in the front of your work for front cables, and guess where those held stitches go for back cables?  Yep.

Simply scooting your cord to the back of your work isn't that tricky (unless you're not paying attention and just finished working a front cable.  Ahem), but it's worth going over in a video.  And so some nice person at Leisure Arts did!

Ta da!

Video can also be found here.

As you can see, carefully removing the cord after a cable row probably takes more time than figuring out the cable itself!  And even that's not so bad.  It's a relatively small amount of work to have such a nice pattern in your knitting.  Knooking.  Whatever.  Since Knooking results in a knitted fabric, I think it counts as knitting.

And cabled fabric is the prettiest fabric, I think.  I know this is probably due to the fact that I just learned how to work cables, but it really is pretty!  I like to read a blog called Knitting Confessions, and no one has ever said anything unkind about cables.  In fact, I also used to read a blog called something like Unpopular Knitting Opinions (I'm pretty sure the administrator just quit posting after people kept getting up in arms over all the unpopular knitting opinions. It's sad that people would get so weird about loom knitting), and no one had anything bad to say about cables there, either!  I know that's not proof that the whole world likes cables, but it's got to mean something when people have a chance to anonymously snark about something on the Internet and don't.

And how could you?  You can't.  For Pete's sake, remember when that scary knitted full body suit picture was floating around the Internet a few weeks ago?  Just in case your eyeballs haven't been cursed with this horrifying work of art, here you go:


Everyone had to admit it was really well made.  Some of the people I know who shared this on Facebook even said they wished someone would make this for them.  They inevitably tried to drop hints around crocheters, so it didn't work, but hey. 

Side note: I love when people ask for knitted items with no offer of compensation or undying gratitude--from crocheters!  Or vice versa.  I just laugh and laugh, probably because I'm mean.

But I don't have a single snarky thing to say about cables.

Because they're the best.

Try them out. Come on.

You'll love them.

Just not on a full body suit for a giant adult.


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