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Learn to Knook: s1, k1, psso Left-Handed

Time to talk about decrease techniques!

Slipping one stitch, knitting one stitch, and then passing your slipped stitch over the knitted one takes less time than it does to type that description.  I've checked.

The s1, k1 psso is one of my favorite decreasing techniques because it's a clean-looking decrease and you get it with a minimum of fussing.


Video can also be seen here.

Slipping stitches can feel weird or wrong, but it's not.  I promise.  It pulls the knitted fabric in a different direction than knitting two stitches together, and one of my favorite hat patterns calls for both of those techniques.  And that's one reason why it's a good idea to know more than one decrease method. 

Another reason is that it's lots of fun to have all this Knooking knowledge at your disposal for whenever you want to do cool Knooking things.  And who doesn't want to do cool Knooking things?

And with that, I'm done writing about Knook videos.  What?!  Yes.  I've talked about all of the Knook videos.  At least all of the Knook videos that are in existence right now.  It's a new thing, and I'm sure people will keep figuring out how to use it for different stitches and techniques.  So when that happens and there's a video tutorial of it, I will happily write about it.  Until then, I will happily write about Knook things or knitting things or crochet things.  Fewer videos, more pictures.  I'm excited!  I hope these posts were helpful!  I have so many other things to talk about in the next week or so!

Until then, happy Knooking!

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