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Let 'er Rip

Oh hey, y'all.  Look at my hat.


I normally don't have a problem ripping out a project and trying all over again, but I really didn't want to this time.  I just didn't want to!  It was my first cabled hat project and I wanted to feel like I was good at this!  I (tried to) knit the Starter Cable Hat pattern in the book, Expand Your Knitting Skills. But I should have known I was doomed from the start.

Exhibit A:

See the extra long brim?  I wanted a brim that would be long enough to roll up while simultaneously covering up more of my head than the pattern would.

Exhibit B:

Wait no, that was just a picture of my progress.  This shows you that the pattern is pretty and that I was really enthused about making the hat and wearing it.

But this is the finished product:

The hat just wasn't long enough for me.  I didn't take a picture of me wearing it because it just didn't look good.  Blocking didn't stretch it out enough, and while the brim made the hat as long as I like, it wasn't long enough to roll.

So I ripped it out.

Ha ha!  No.  I actually tried to pick up the stitches on the brim and start knitting a few more inches because I wasn't ready to see reason yet. 

Yes, really.  It was not my best idea, and I'm glad there are no pictures of that particular shame. 

But then, I finally came to my senses.  After, you know, 2 or so weeks of denial and rationalizing. 

This particular hat wasn't working for me.

The problem isn't with the pattern or the yarn.  The problem is that the pattern is for a cute hat that's more of a beanie style, and I am the kind of person who wants a hat large enough to cover everything but my neck and eyes.  I don't feel like my hat is big enough until I look like a kid who stole her dad's toboggan.  I just like toboggan-style hats that cover my ears.

Which brings us back to this.

I pulled the needle out of the project, and started to rip back everything this morning.  I unraveled the yarn and wound it into balls once again.  But as I worked, I made a plan.  I still want to use the pattern because the crown fit my head circumference just fine, and the cables are pretty, and the yarn looks good in this pattern.  A repeat of the cable pattern should extend the crown, and give me a chance to do a few more cables.  Also, I'll need to knit at least 5 inches for the brim, which is going to bore me to tears.  That's probably why I stopped too soon last time.  But!  I want a hat and I want one that is well-knit and thoughtfully planned out (even if I wind up looking nothing like the woman in the pattern picture.  But then again, I never do).

I've already cast on my stitches, and tonight I'll get back to work.  My husband and I are watching a TV series on DVD and there are two episodes left.  I think that should get me through at least half of the brim.  Plus, I'll have the peace of mind that comes from NOT feeling like I have to start all over with another pattern and spending too much time on Ravelry searching for another pattern.  I've got a fairly well-rationed plan for altering the very nice pattern I've already got.  I'm expanding my knitting skills, and getting a warm hat out of the bargain.

Ripping everything back wasn't such a bad idea.  It usually isn't.

I'll let you know when the hat is finished and you can judge for yourself.  Happy crafting!

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