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Happy Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day!

I hope you're with people you love, doing something you love, or just feeling lots of love and goodness this Valentine's Day.

I'm looking forward to dinner with my family, working some more on a dishcloth, and feeling lots of love--or whatever it is that you feel when you eat a lot of chocolate.

These are the Valentines I made for my family.  I knitted my husband a Zimmerman heart patch and couldn't figure out how I wanted to attach it to cardstock.  So I just knitted a little swatch, stitched it to the heart, and stuck a love note in the pocket.  I didn't bother with a card for my little girl this year (yes, I might have gotten a little carried away with Baby's First Valentine's Day last year and made one for her), but I cut out a heart with some felt and sewed a face on it because she likes hearts and smiley faces.

I'm currently knitting the Rib and Welt Dishcloth from Easy Textured Knits.  I'm still not asking much of my brain or my fingers right now.  I'm using Sugar'n Cream yarn on Size 5 needles.  It's a gift for a friend who's getting married and will be having a shower next month!  Loooooove!

There's not a picture of my Valentine's Day chocolate.  I may or may not have 'taken care of it' already.  But let's just say I'm feeling lots of love--or whatever it is that you feel when you eat a lot of chocolate--today.  I hope you do, too.

Happy Valentine's Day and happy crafting!

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