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Learn to Crochet: 3 Double Crochet Popcorn (Left-Handed)

Time for a left-handed tutorial!

I love that Leisure Arts has crochet tutorials for left-handed crafters.  I've enjoyed writing more about knitting lately, but I felt a little bad that there were no left-handed tutorials.  Most knitters are taught to knit right-handed--the one left-handed knitter I know went ahead and learned to knit right-handed to save herself the trouble of needing to re-write every pattern and reverse every knitting chart.

Left-handed crocheters, however, can follow a standard crochet pattern and work from right to left.  The more I think about it, the more crocheting seems more suited to left-handed crafters entirely!  You work from right to left, and you hold the work and your strand of yarn in your right hand while the left hand does all of the dominant work. 


Maybe right-handed people are the ones doing everything backwards in this area.


Okay, well, while I'm over here checking my privilege, enjoy this tutorial on the popcorn stitch with 3 double crochets.

I thought I didn't like popcorn stitches, but I do.  They're cute, and add nice little pops of texture to any project.  I've been making dishcloths as a wedding present for a friend, and the new book Dishcloths (5951) has several patterns that feature popcorn stitches.  I haven't tried them, yet. 

But I'm looking forward to starting!

I hope you are, too.

Happy hooking!

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