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Learn to Crochet: Front Post Half Double Crochet (Left-Handed)

This doesn't look right to me.  Does this look right to you?

This isn't how it looks in the book.

I'm pretty sure I'm following the instructions in the book.  I know I was at some point. Then again, I'm usually pretty sure I'm following a pattern's instructions right up to the dreaded moment when I have to admit my defeat.

I don't want to be defeated!  This is a nice pattern!  I feel like I picked out nice colors!  A nice dishcloth wouldn't do this to me!

Is this how crochet ribbing is made?  Is that something I should already know?  It is?

Cool.  That's super.

Here is a tutorial video for a front post half double crochet.  Maybe if I watch it from another angle I'll get the hang of things.

Okay, I watched it.  I'm still convinced that I'm doing everything okay.  But I should mention that I took allergy medication and ate a greasy ham and cheese sandwich a while ago, so a lot of things seem very difficult and confusing to me right now.

Yes, I had Benadryl and ham before I picked up my crocheting.  Why do you ask?


I think this dishcloth and I should just rest for a while.

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