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Crochet Cast-On: Tunisian Crochet (Left-Handed)

Remember when I talked about Tunisian crochet?  That was cool.  Kim Guzman, Tunisian crochet extraordinaire (probably her official title) explained to me that it was like crocheting a row with all your loops building up on your needle.  Then you crochet back through them all all again!

But how do you get started with all those loops on that needle?

I'm so glad you were wondering!  Because I was too, and it turns out you do it like this:

It's so strange to me that you can crochet knit stitches.  But you can!  I was just thinking about some of the weirder things you can do with yarncrafting and Tunisian crochet is just one of those things that pops up in my brain every now and then. 

Weird?  Yes.

Pretty?  Yes!

Difficult?  Apparently no more than any other yarn craft.

The description of the video explains that this technique is used in the book Short Row Tunisian Fashion, which means I'm going to probably give it another look again very soon.

Like I said, Tunisian crochet is just one of those things that drifts around in my mind every now and then and then I think "Hey, maybe I should try that."  And hey, maybe I should.  Maybe I will, and very soon!

How do  you get yourself ready to try new things?

2 thoughts on “Crochet Cast-On: Tunisian Crochet (Left-Handed)”

  • Beth

    I did that stitch many years ago only it was called something else. It is easy once you get going.

    • Jen

      I think sometimes it's called the afghan stitch? It seems like crochet stitches always have a second (or third!) name. It's nice to know that the stitches aren't weird and strange constantly!

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