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Crocheting the Baby Surprise Jacket (Yes, CROCHETING!)

For most knitters, trying out Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket is a rite of passage.  I think everyone gives a shot at some time.The Baby Surprise Jacket is an odd little garter-stitched creation that's knitted in one piece and stitched together at the sleeves.  It's the wildest thing, and the end result is an adorable little baby sweater.  I've attempted the project a couple of times and it hasn't gone especially well, so I was interested in trying out the crocheted version.
It went especially well!
Like its knitted predecessor, the Crochet Surprise Sweater is made in one piece from single crochet stitches.  There's two points in the fabric where you decrease, and then you increase at those same points to make sleeves.

There's a little bit more to it than that, but not much more.  When I first wrote a post about this sweater, I looked at a lot of project pages on Ravelry of some very creative and talented crocheters.  Several of them mentioned that you just had to trust the pattern, so I did.  That little bit of advice really helped whenever I wanted to second-guess things. 
This is a sweet and simple sweater, and I really loved knitting it.  I used some Loops & Threads Impeccable Solids because it's an acrylic yarn that gets really soft after you wash it.  This is going to a not-so-yarny family, and I like for baby things to be easy to wash and dry, anyway.  The green edging is some Vanna's Choice that I had left over from another project.  I really liked the brown and green together, and the morning I finished this up my husband had brought home donuts for breakfast.

I felt reassured about my color choices after that.  I followed the Basic Sweater pattern--for the most part.  I left off the ties because they didn't seem very boyish, and I don't think the look would match the sweater colors.  Also, the pattern didn't call for extra edging around the wrists, but I wanted to spread out the green a little bit.

The more I stare at pictures of the sweater, the more I'm convinced that I had an extra stitch or two on the right side of the sweater so I'm going to stop looking at it.  I'm pretty sure no one will notice the difference this fall when the sweater is wrapped around a happy and healthy baby boy.  I really love baby projects because they're small and quick, but also because you get to try styles on babies that you wouldn't think of placing on an adult body.  Babies are just the cutest human beings, and I love to give them a little extra boost at the first of their lives.  A little bit of love and time worked into something cute and warm just seems like such a great boost to me.

I'm still waffling on whether I'll place some little buttons on this guy or not.  I think I'll save that kind of thinking for the weekend.  I hope yours is lovely and that you and your loved ones are safe from the storms right now.

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