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Crocheting the Crisscross Dishcloth

Remember that time I figured out the crochet cross stitch was no big deal?  Or at least an attractive but not overly complicated deal?  That was awesome.

I decided to completely embrace the awesome by crocheting the Crisscross Dishcloth from Dishcloths.

This time it didn't kick my tail!  Hooray!

I'm still on a bit of a dishcloth kick, but I think I need a bit of a break from the Fast Favorite.  It's probably still my favorite, but the Crisscross Dishcloth is a great project, too.  It's one color, and it's already a dishcloth--meaning it's a great portable project. And I like the way it looks.

Even if you allow for unraveling and restarting a few rows (because I did), this project still took just 2 or 3 hours on a Saturday.  If I'd been more familiar with the pattern, or slightly less engrossed with the show I was watching, it probably would have taken me a little less time than that.

I wound up leaving off the final row because the dishcloth was already starting to get a little too large for my liking, and one border row seemed like enough.  The finished project is supposed to measure approximately 10" across, and I think my dishcloth was a little bit larger than that.  So I got a good-sized dishcloth for just 9 rows of crocheting!  Score!

The pattern alternates double crochet stitches and crochet cross stitch sets, and the result is some nicely textured and incredibly dense crocheted fabric.  As in, you will definitely be able to scrub some dishes with this pretty dishcloth.  It's a really sturdy dishcloth that should last a long time.

However, to be so dense, the Crisscross dishcloth only took about 2/3 of a skein of Sugarn' Cream cotton yarn.  It's an excellent use of 90 yards or so!


The Crisscross dishcloth is a great way to practice the cross stitch crochet stitch, a nice-looking pattern, and it's sure to be a nice gift!  Maybe it is my new favorite....

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