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FO Friday: Satisfactory Summer Projects

It feels so good to finish things, doesn't it?  I love it!  I think I especially enjoyed finishing these projects because they were fairly varied and I had other, non-yarny projects, to make as breaks from things.  So I'm feeling a lot happier about my finished objects than I did last time.  I'm also just now realizing that everything I made this round has been cotton.  Wow.  It's officially summer.

First up, is this little sweater.

It's the 5-Hour Baby Boy Sweater, and it's a free download from Ravelry.  I made this for my sister's friends, who are having a little girl this summer.  I'm still trying to figure out if I'm going to add a little button to the top, but I think I'm leaning toward just leaving it as it is.  It's probably going to go over a cute little dress that will need to be show off, and it seems impossible to keep little babies buttoned into jackets and sweaters anyway.  I knit it with Size 8 needles and a skein--exactly one skein!--of  Cascade Yarns Sierra Quatro (191 yards).  This probably took me a little longer than 5 hours to make, but it probably wasn't that much longer.  I don't know if I'll knit this again, but I did like the sweet little yoke.

And here's a Fast Favorite from Dishcloths!  Finally!  I used about half a skein of Sugarn' Cream in Hot Blue, and then edged it with some scraps.  I think that's Tangerine.  Lovely.  I like it because it's summery and bright.

 And here's the textured wonder, the Crisscross Dishcloth. 

This pattern is also in Dishcloths and now that I've made this I can confidently say that I know how to work the crochet cross stitch.  Which is a pretty satisfying thing to say, as it turns out. 

Both of these dishcloths are now tucked away with their friends in my dishcloth gift stash (also a really satisfying feeling.  I love knowing that I have gifts on hand!), and this guy:

is probably going to live in my purse or my car for the remainder of this summer.  This is currently my favorite hat, because right now it's my only summer hat.  (Yes, someday I hope to make myself several summer hats.)  This is the Basic Beanie from Knit Slouchy Hats and Beanies, and I wrote it about it just the other day.  It is knitted.  It is basic.  It is, in fact a beanie.  A very slouchy beanie.  Using cotton yarn makes it a little lighter and more breathable, and it should wash pretty well if I need to clean it up a little this summer.  I love it.  I know I've said it before, but I do!  I'm always on the lookout for a good hat!

So there we have it.  I have a gift that will be mailed out soon, two gifts that don't even have recipients yet because I'm just that ahead of the game, and a hat that I'll probably be wearing this very weekend.  I'm going to enjoy it.

I hope you also have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!  I also hope there's a little time for you to finish your objects! 

Happy weekend!

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