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Knitting the Basic Beanie for a Summery Slouch Hat


I'm a bit of a mess on the weekends.  We'll pretend like it's in a stylish and cute way.  If I don't have anywhere to be (and sometimes even if I do), I'm not going to get too very fixed up.  But I still like to look like I tried at least a little, which means I like to throw on a long dress and a hat.  Hats cover a multitude of hair sins, and I like to knit them.

So last week I cast on the Simple Beanie from Knit Slouchy Beanies and Headwraps so I could have some nice TV knitting.  I was still a little irritated after my crocheted Simple Beanie disappointment, so I wanted a project I knew would work out okay.  I'd knitted it once before and so I knew that if I used needles a size below what the pattern called for, I could use some cotton yarn that was roughly the same weight as the wool yarn I'd used last time.

I actually have quite a stash of some cotton yarn that a knitter friend gave me after we talked about a sweater I'd made for my daughter out of cotton yarn, and she had decided it hurt her hands too much to work with regularly.  I've had it since the fall, and now that warm weather is (finally!!!) here, I wanted a lightweight hat to wear on sweaty, messy weekends.  The yarn seems a little bit finer than your standard dishcloth cotton, and knitted up fine.  I kind of wish I knew what brand it was.  But I have quite a bit to work through before I worry about it.  So.

Anyway, I cast on the hat on a Friday and knitted up the band and about an inch of the hat after joining in the round.  The next day, I threw it in my purse in case I 'needed' it to keep myself occupied while I waited in line for some errands.

I love the band on this.  You even get to make a loop and sew on a button!  This is a great pattern for people with more interesting buttons than mine!  I love when people get creative with buttons.

Then I carefully packed a lovely project bag with everything I'd need for a completely different project and I probably don't have to tell you which one I worked on at my knitting group that night, do I?

Dear reader, I not only knit on that hat I finished it that night

(Drops circular knitting needles and walks off stage LIKE A BOSS.)

Ahem.  Okay, it was admittedly a very heavy knitting day, and I did stay up a little later than normal.  But even with the cotton yarn, which tends to slow me down a bit, this was a fast knit.  It's about as close to instant gratification as a knitter can get without picking up some super bulky yarn and PVC tubes.  I didn't make any modifications to the pattern other than maybe knitting a little longer than called for before starting the decrease rounds.  But that just gives me extra slouch.

The Basic Beanie calls for knitting garter stitch as you work the band flat, and then increasing and switching knitting in the round.  The pattern just tells you to "increase stitches evenly" and I found a handy website that helps you calculate how to do that.  After that, all you do is knit row upon row while chatting with friends or intensely watching television on DVD until it's time to decrease.

I really like this hat (in case you couldn't tell from the picture of me happily wearing it), and I know I'm going to be getting quite a bit of use out of it this summer.  I love it.  Love, love, love it!

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