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WIP Wednesday: More Progress than Work

It's WIP Wednesday and I'm once again blathering on about my works in progress.  Most of my projects are, well, progressing.  Hooray!

Here's another Sockhead Hat.  I cast on 20 or so fewer stitches because I think this hat is for me, and the last one of these I made was pretty roomy.  Which was fine for my brother-in-law's big head and long hair, but there's 'slouchy' and then there's 'swallow your head whole.'  This has been my car knitting for the past few days and I'm always excited to see what color comes up next.  I'm using Size 1 needles and a couple of partial skeins of Red Heart's Heart and Sole sock yarn.  I've had the yarn for a few years and I'm happy to move it out of the stash.

Up next is....another hat!

I know this looks a bit small, but it's going to turn into yet another slouchy beanie.  This is the Twisty Cables beanie from Knit Slouchy Beanies and Headwraps.  I'm using Size 6 and 8 needles, which is a size down from the recommended for gauge, and more cotton yarn I got from a friend destashing her cotton.  I'm only two rows in, but I already like all the twists and turns on this.  I think it's going to be a lovely hat, and I'm enjoying knitting and crocheting hats this summer.  It's a nice way to test out some patterns, get some cute hats for myself, and when it's time for gift knitting I'll have some go-to projects! Best. Feeling. Ever.

On to the crochet projects!  This little guy:

is going to turn into a Basic Sweater from Surprise Crochet Sweaters for Baby.  How?  I don't know--that's part of the surprise!  I love this crocheted version of the Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann, and I'm getting to the part where I makes sleeves.  I don't really know how that happens, but I'm grateful for the clear instructions.  I'm a hardcore EZ fan, but her directions are a little more like recipes and I think I've tried (and failed) to knit a BSJ two or three times before swearing off the whole affair.  Even when I liked this pattern enough to talk to other crocheters about their projects and write about it and buy the book for myself, I still waited nearly six whole months to give this a shot.  But I like it!  I'm pretty confident that this will turn into an adorable gift for a friend of a friend.

(Confession: I was initially too nervous about how this would turn out to try it for someone I knew!  I know that sounds terrible, but I'm relieved to report that I like this pattern and I think it's safe to say that this is turning out pretty well.)

Lastly, I have this little square.

I'm supposed to make eight more of these for the Nine Patch pattern from Dishcloths, but this is looking a bit large.  Since the crocheted fabric seems dense enough to make up a serviceable dishcloth, I think I may crochet three more squares and begin the piecing.  We'll see.  I wouldn't mind eight more pieces just like this.

And when I catch myself thinking that I wouldn't mind making more objects just like the ones I already have on hooks and needles, I know I have some good projects! 
I hope you're enjoying your own projects and that you're feeling the 'progress' part of things a lot more than the 'works.'  Back to work for me!  Be sure to check here tomorrow for a different kind of post!
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