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A Summery Granny Square Dishcloth

If you've been reading this blog for any span of time at all,  you probably picked up on the fact that I love granny squares.  Really, really love them.  I like that you're crocheting in the round, but getting a flat square.  I love the shells.  I love granny squares--period.

And because I've been trying to learn new crochet techniques by trying out several of the patterns in Dishcloths, I thought it was high time to make the Nine Patch dishcloth.

You may have noticed that there are only four patches.  You seem sharp like that.

I've made one and one-half of the granny square dishcloths in Dishcloths and let me tell you, those patterns are for some extra large dishcloths.  If that's your thing, awesome.  In that case, I cannot recommend the giant granny square dishcloths enough.  But if you want a dishcloth the size of your standard knitted or crocheted dishcloth (6" or 7"), then you may want to skip some rows or squares.  So I stopped after four squares and then pieced them together and crocheted two more rows around the whole thing.

So here we are.

About three-fourths of the way through the seaming process, I realized the reason I probably have so many granny squares piling up in little hiding places is because I love to make granny squares, but piecing them together is so far down on my list of crafts I enjoy that......I probably don't enjoy it all.  And I'm not very good at it.  But I'm hoping a few washing and a few uses will block things right out and this won't be quite so 'bubbly' in the future.

I wasn't very familiar with making clusters before this (I think I'd tried it once before), so this was great practice for that technique.  Plus, I really enjoyed making the squares.  I thought it would be pretty to use pinkish variegated yarn surrounded by green to look like flowers in a garden.  I'm not sure if I quite got it, but I do think this is a nice little dishcloth and I'll probably use this project again because it's such a great weekend pattern!

In the meantime, this little guy is sitting in my gift stash and I know how to crochet clusters now. Win win!  

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