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Crocheting the Lacy Stripes Dishcloth

 I don't know what would happen if I let a week go by without making a dishcloth and blogging about it.  So I don't want to find out.  And, I'm all about circles right now.  I just like them.  I like the way they look, and I really like the process of making them.  I like not having to turn my work.  I like not having to worry about keeping my edges even (this is a problem for me in crochet).  I like having yarns similar to a pattern's picture.

And so, with all those factors in mind, I crocheted the Lacy Stripes pattern from Dishcloths.  I uses about 70 yards of yarn altogether, and it's just so pretty.  And if you fold it in half, it's thick enough for cleaning jobs.


It's a bit large, so folding it in half suits me just fine anyway.  Did I mention that I'm keeping this for myself?

This is what it looks like after you wash it, but before you wipe peanut butter off the toys and tables.

I am. These colors are nearly tropical and I want some sunshiney and summery colors to cheer me up when I'm wiping off surfaces and washing dishes.  I kind of want to make another one in yellows and oranges so it looks like a marigold.  It surprises me a little that I have opinions about crocheted dishcloths, but only a little because I tend to have lots of opinions about lots of things.  And how could you not feel happier just looking at this Starburst-looking circle of goodness?

This is such a great pattern!  I made this in about an hour and a half while in the car--as a passenger! Promise--over the weekend.  The pink stripes are Sugar'n Cream Hot Pink and the variegated yarn is in the Playtime colorway.  I really like pinks and yellows and oranges together. 

It seems this is an ongoing thing with me.

4 thoughts on “Crocheting the Lacy Stripes Dishcloth”

  • Beth

    Does look like a burst of sunshine. And one needs that when doing kitchen duties. I have make some square ones. Think I need to try some pretty bright round ones.

    • Jen

      I honestly have no idea why a round dishcloth seems fancier to me, but it does. I'm planning on making several for co-workers at Christmas this year! Plus, this was incredibly quick.

  • Eileen Chrisjohn

    I have to make at least one dishcloth every week. They do cheer me up. Love your idea of making them as a passenger! It will make the trip go faster and I'll have something to show for it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jen

      It always feels so good to finish something! And I love car projects. They make me feel productive--I went somewhere and got a dishcloth out of it, ha! They're so small that they're the perfect car project.

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