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Crocheting the V-Stitch Beanie Because That's the Awesome Thing to Do

I made another beanie!  I'm obviously pretty happy about it!

For a long time, I thought beanies were a big deal.  Knitted beanies, crocheted beanies--one time I saw Martha Stewart make some kind of hat out of felt and even that seem beyond my capabilities.  When I first joined Ravelry, I queued up all kind of cute beanies and then deleted them when I decided that I probably wasn't going to be able to make them.

Ha ha!  The joke's on me!  Kind of.  Never mind.

Well, actually, yes.  The joke is on me.  Crocheting in the round isn't that big of a deal.  It's just not.  I've been crocheting granny squares for so long that I think I can go ahead and call myself a lifelong aficionado of the things.  Shells and circles, circles and shells.  The V-Stitch Beanie from Crochet Slouchy Beanies and Headwraps is pretty much like a granny square, but without corners.  Who knew?!  I mean, look at this:

It's kind of lacy, and in a great shade of blue (I've waited at least 3 years to find a good project for this yarn!), and it was fine.  It was perfectly fine to crochet.  I used G and F hooks and Naturally Caron Country yarn in the Spruce colorway.  It's mostly acrylic yarn with some merino (75/25).  I thought it was some kind of cotton bamboo mix all this time, which tells you how often I get surprised these days about hat patterns and yarn blends these days.  Every morning brings new adventure and revelations!

Speaking of which, I just checked the page for this yarn on Ravelry and learned that 1) it's been discontinued and 2) it doesn't match the gauge on the ball band and it's more of a light worsted weight, or a sport weight.  The pattern in the book was made using this yarn, so I thought I should pass that information along to you in case you were interested.  I've got some Berroco Comfort DK that seems about the same, so that would probably be a good substitute if you were wanting to make this pattern.  If you do have some Country yarn, take note that this pattern uses about a skein and a half.  The book says it takes one, but I used up a bit more than that.

This was a pretty quick project.  I made this in the Small/Medium size, and I probably could have made it in the space of a movie and a half if I hadn't had interruptions.  But I did have interruptions, so I worked on it off and on for a day or so.  Literally, a day.  Not a big deal.  It's just a little counting, some V-stitches, a lot of shells (my favorite!  I'm completely serious!), and some single crochet rounds for the band.

I know I've been posting a lot about hats lately, and especially slouchy beanies.  But I'm really enjoying them!  It's like a little portion of the yarncrafting world has been opened up to me and I'm gaining knowledge and cute accessories as a result!  Hats are fast, and hat patterns are always so interesting, and it turns out that the hats themselves usually aren't that difficult at all. 

Try it and see.

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