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Crocheting the Variegated Dishcloth


I've tried the Variegated Dishcloth pattern from Dishcloths before, and now I can say that I've done it.  It's a pretty large dishcloth and I like the look of it.  But I never could quite follow the pattern.  You know how eventually you can guess where increases should go?  I just couldn't with this one.  Even after I checked and re-checked and re-checked a few more times to make sure I was doing everything according to the instructions, I still didn't feel like this was coming out like it should.  The pattern repeats just kept eluding me.

I was calling it the Special Snowflake Dishcloth in my head, but only in a partly grouchy way.  With the light blues in the yarn--Sugar'n Cream's Faded Denim--this really does look kind of icy and frosty like a snowflake.  And since it's sitting in my Christmas gift stash, the wintry look will be especially appropriate when I give it to someone as a gift.

Also, this is made up almost entirely of clusters.  I'm getting plenty of practice with them and I really like it!  Clusters are pretty, add a nice bit of bubbly oomph to a crocheted fabric, and I can see why they'd be a great crochet stitch for a dishcloth.

The first of many cluster stitches.
 I don't know.  Maybe I'll try again soon.  I like crocheting dishcloths with variegated yarns, and I really do like all of those clusters.  Plus, it really annoys me that I'm somewhat stumped by a simple crochet pattern.  I will not be bested by a dishcloth pattern!  I think my pattern reading comprehension should be good enough to figure out a dishcloth pattern of some basic clusters worked in the round.  I don't mind getting confused by something a little more complicated (okay, I mind.  But I understand.), but I feel like I should have dishcloths on lock by now.
Soon.  Soon I will.

I know this is a bit obsessive, but dishcloth patterns have been great practice for me to learn new crochet techniques and to follow all of the abbreviations in patterns.  I want to make sure I've got it right.  How do you try out learning new things?

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