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Dress Up Your Dish Soap! With a Dress!

I made a Dishcloth Dress because it seemed like a fun thing to do.

And it was!  I bought the Happy Day #2 epattern (I love that name) yesterday and made this last night.  It takes roughly the same amount of time, effort, and cotton yarn that a dishcloth would.  It just comes out looking a little different.  I like that. 

This would be a fun housewarming gift, or a nice way to dress up your kitchen, or an excellently playful way to yarnbomb some unexpected items.  If that's your kind of thing.

It seems to be my thing, so I tried this dress on some things other than my bottle of Joy.


 Here's a bottle of wine, looking summery and cheerful.  Depending on whose house I was going to, I would totally give some of my friends a bottle of wine that's wearing a dress.  It just seems like a nice thing to do in the summer.  I would coordinate the colors to the wine, of course.

That's my husband's water bottle.  This could really brighten up his morning when he goes to work out.  Or confuse him.  I'm not sure.  It would probably make him smile, either way.

Here's a spray bottle of all-purpose cleaner.  I would definitely want to put a dress on that.  The label basically says "We're here to clean your disgusting house without using disgusting chemicals" and then it names a bunch of disgusting chemicals.  Charming.  Put a dress on it!

In a pinch, the dress can be pulled off and used as a dishcloth.  But it seems a bit too pretty for that.  However, with standard cotton yarn it would wash just fine and be back to looking pretty in no time.  You can buy these patterns individually, or the whole book Dishcloth Dresses.  It's full of patterns with names like "Going Dancing" and "Night on the Town."  Working on this just made me smile.  It was such a fun little project that resulted in a cute finished object.  I also maybe had a little too much fun dressing up things around the house. 

I guess we all just need to play a little dress-up sometimes.

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