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Have a Happy World Wide Knit in Public Week: Tips and Techniques

It's the most wonderful tiiiiiiime of the yeeeeeear!

A clever person would have figured out how to alter all those song lyrics into something knitting-related, but you have me and I'm too excited for cleverness.

Because it's World Wide Knit in Public Week!

That's right, yarny friends, Worldwide Knit in Public Week is here, and it's time for a week of celebrating knitting.  This fabulous week of awesome leads up to Knit in Public Day, June 15, which is also Saturday.  Such a happy time!

I know of you are probably rolling your eyes at me right now.  "Jen," you sigh, "Every day can be Knit in Public Day."  To which I reply, "Yes, I know. BUT! This is still a great time for celebration and exclamation points!!!!!!!!"  For starters, many stores have sales on yarns or pattern to coincide with World Wide Knit in Public Week, and lots of groups organize knitting in public events.  It's a great way to introduce people to knitting while you're out and about.   You can  make new friends!  You can spread The Good News about knitting! I'm pretty sure I don't have to explain to you why sales at craft stores are a good thing!

World Wide Knit in Public Week/Day is a great change to bring the joy of knitting to folks who might not otherwise learn about it.  A knitting group in my area likes to go to a baseball game once a summer to enjoy knitting, baseball, beer, and one another's company.  Even if they don't recruit any new knitters, they certainly have a good time.  And my local yarn store is hosting a sit'n'stitch on the sidewalk in front of the store, and enjoying a little yarnbombing afterward!  If you're interested in these kinds of shenanigans, get thee to the Google to see if there are any activities in your town.  Or organize something yourself! If you're a planner who loves knitting, you're probably more than capable of this.

Or you know, you could just carry your projects around and sit yourself near a light while you watch the new Star Trek movie like I did yesterday.  It's just a dishcloth made from knits and purls in Easy Textured Knits.

Chocolate. Knitting. Benedict Cumberbatch.

If I could offer a few words of advice for a happy knitting in public experience, it would be these:

-Keep it simple.  Don't drag out something large enough to get dirty on the ground (if you're outdoors) or heavy enough to give you heatstroke.  No projects with lots of counting.  No charts.  Unless you're a genius, and in that case you just let your light shine.  Hats, scarves, dishcloths, cowls, and some baby sweaters are easy to transport and in patterns simple enough to follow while chatting or frequently stopping and restarting your work.  You don't want something so complicated that you're irritated with the person asking you what you're working on.  Which brings me to my next point....

- Be friendly!  If you dread hearing "What are you doing?   Oh, I could never do that" don't leave the house.  If you don't like interacting with strangers, don't do it.  If you wake up on the most blessed of knitting days with a raging headache (I'm so sorry!) and an overwhelming sense of misanthropy, skip this year's festivities! It's supposed to be fun!  But if you're looking forward to explaining your project 20 times in one sitting, and you feel encouraged by being around your friends and telling people about your 'weird' interests, go for it!

-Get a head start.  Any time I'm knitting away from home, I cast on and work a few rows before leaving the house.  Counting is not my strong suit, and I also like to be sure to that I've got the right needles/yarn/pattern/project (depending on my mood).  Just take a little extra time to make sure your project is going to go well, so you're not left sitting empty-handed.  Unless you're one of those people who packs a back-up project for occasions such as this.  We know who we are.

-Pack a good project bag.  You don't want your time derailed by a missing tape measure, or too little yarn.

-Bring a friend!  If there are groups in your area meeting up for World Wide Knit in Public Day, now might be the perfect time to check them out if you've been hanging back!  Using Ravelry is a great way to find nearby knitters and groups.  If nothing else, simply grab a friend and knit with that one person in a coffee shop.  There!  You just had an event.  And I know this probably goes without saying, but BE NICE about the space you're occupying.  If you're at a restaurant, order food.  With dessert.  If you're in a coffee shop, buy a baked good to go with your drink.  If you're in a yarn probably don't need my encouragement on that one.

-Crochet.  Are you some other kind of yarn crafter?  Don't be left out.  Crochet.  Weave.  Spin.  Knook.  Loom knit.  Get yourself out in public and do that yarn thing that makes you happy!

-Have fun.  I mean, reallyIt's the most wonderful time of the year!  The happiest season of all!  You get the idea.

Happy World Wide Knit in Public Week!  I hope you're already having a great time.


6 thoughts on “Have a Happy World Wide Knit in Public Week: Tips and Techniques”

  • Beth

    I started a new project last night, just the first three rows. I am ready. I am going to knit in public and have a great time doing it too. :) I really want to yarn bomb something. I have to find some more yarnies and locate my scraps, then we can plot a yarn bombing.

    • Jen

      Way to be! I bet you'll have a great time. And YES to the yarnbombing. I did it, once, over a year ago, and I still get really excited about it. I hope you get to!

  • Michelle Cook-Lopez

    We had our event in the local park on Sunday. It was a lot of fun to meet and hang out with fellow yarn-a-holics. :) We plan to do it every few weeks.

  • quilton

    Our knitting group heard about this way too late to organize anything for this year. Do you have a date for next year? We'd love to do something in our town and maybe donate our knitted items to a baby organization we have here.thank you.

    • Jen

      Ugh, I feel you. If I hadn't gotten an email about it from my local yarn store I would completely missed it. I checked the site for World Wide Knit in Public Day ( and it doesn't look like a date has been set for next year. But I bet if you follow their Facebook page ( you would probably get updates that way and have plenty of time to plan something the next time around. I hope this helps and that your group does organize something because your plan sounds great!

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