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Knitting Matching Hats for Father's Day

Remember when I said that matching clothes were a great gift idea for Father's Day?

Well, I got myself thinking.  And then I got myself to work.

I checked my copy of Expand Your Knitting Skills to see if the Ribbed Hat pattern would look good on my dad and my daughter.  And I'm pretty sure it will!  This is a simple and straightforward pattern, so it doesn't present too much of a challenge if you have a lot of little heads to knit for.  The pattern calls for Size 7 needles (or whatever you'll need for the right gauge) and worsted weight yarn.  And yes, I did remember to make a gauge swatch at the very beginning.  This time.

I went with some acrylic yarn that I got from a friend because when my little girl and her Granddad have outdoor adventures, they can get really adventurous.  Plus, she'll be two and a half this fall and everyone knows that's just a filthy age.  They needed something that was easy to wash, and that actually might even get softer with repeated washings. 

My reason for wanting to knit hats was twofold.  One, hats are quick, cute, and I like them.  Two, the hat patterns in Expand Your Knitting Skills run from Baby to Large Adult.  I didn't want my daughter and dad to have hats knit in matching yarn--I wanted them to have matching hats.  My little girl tends to think that she's very big and she likes to be helpful.  She loves spending time with her grandparents and she loves to tag along with her granddad.  And my dad?  My dad just loves his granddaughter and would wear matching princess t-shirts with her if they made them in his size and he thought she would like that.  (I think she would.) 

I think my dad is going to be pretty excited to wear matching watchcap-style hats with my little girl this fall and I really like the idea of matching clothing as a Mother's Day or Father's Day gift.  I'm kind of wishing I'd thought to knit up hats for her grandmas on Mother's Day now.  Fall's a ways off, though, and I'm sure I can find time to think of something.  In the meantime, I'm really looking forward to seeing my dad's face when he opens his present and two of my most beloved people model my handknits for a picture.

It's going to be great.

I tried putting the hats on some stuffed animals so you could see how good they look on heads, but these guys just aren't smiling the way my little girl and dad do.  Use your imagination for now.

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