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Quick and Easy Patriotic Dishcloths for the 4th!

Remember when I said I thought everything could be patriotic if you just made it red, white, and blue?  Well, I've been testing that theory out lately and I think I'm completely right.  I even have a collection of cottony crocheted things taking up half of my table to prove it!

Here's three cheerful-looking Spiral dishcloths from Dishcloths.  They're pretty perky all by themselves, but when you put these three colors together it makes for a festive collection.  This would be a nice hostess gift if you're invited to any barbeques this summer.

This is a modified version of the Lacy Stripe pattern from Dishcloths.  And even though there are color changes, I made most of this while watching my little girl splash around in the bathtub.  I wanted this to look like bunting, and I kind of wish I'd made the second row blue and somehow changed things to make this look just a bit stripier.  But I really love the red edging.

And here's the Fast Favorite pattern from (where else?) Dishcloths.  Even though I've probably made this pattern at least twenty times, I never tried it with the three colors called for.  So here we are!  Fast and festive!

And lastly, here's a festive sundress for you kitchen.  It's a dish soap bottle dress, but you can dress up just about anything.  I just used the Happy Day #2 pattern and alternated red and blue for the rows that called for a solid yarn, and subbed the white yarn for variegated.  And this can be used for a dishcloth, but I'd be a little mad at you if you did because I think this is too pretty for that.

With all this red, white, and blue cotton over here, my place is starting to look pretty patriotic for July 4th?  What about you?  Have you ever changed up a pattern to make it look more fitting for a holiday?

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