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Where This Stops, Nobody Knows: A Very Circular WIP Wednesday

 I'm doing a lot of working in the round right now.  Most of my active projects are worked in the round right now.  Round and round and around I go, where I probably when I run out of yarn.  So this could take a while.  And really, I don't think I'll feel like taking a break from these types of patterns any time soon.  I get into moods about these kinds of things, and I really like what I'm making.
This is my very own Ribbed Hat from Expand Your Knitting Skills.

It's in Red Heart's TLC yarn in some orange-y colorway, and I'm using Size 7 needles as always.  This will just be a project for when my hands need something to do.  I'm in no hurry since fall is a little ways off.  Maybe I'll even make one for my little girl so that we can match.  We celebrated Father's Day early this year, and after seeing how cute my dad and my daughter looked in their hats, I kind of want matching hats too!

I'm also trying out the Variegated pattern from Dishcloths again.  This time I'm actually using variegated yarn, so it's more fun to keep doing the project.  I'm using a G hook, which is what the pattern calls for, and Sugar'n Cream yarn in the Faded Denim colorway.  I'm having a lovely time working these rows of clusters and waiting for the next color change.  It doesn't take much to entertain me.

I am starting to wonder if I should have used an H hook, though.  The pattern is bumping up a little bit and I'm questioning my gauge.  I think I'll work a few more rounds to see if this evens out on its own.

I also decided to knit the Tempting Texture cowl.  It's in the round as well, and a nice little bit of knitting.  It's from Knit Cowls and so far, so good!

Very good, in fact.  I'm looking forward to adding this to my gift stash.  However, I'm not sure it will stay there.

Hey, it's tempting.  The word is right there in the name and everything.

Lastly, here's my nonround, noncircular dishcloth.  This is the Knits and Purls dishcloth from Easy Textured Knits and it's my Knit in Public project.

Any time I'm waiting in line, or feeling bored while out and about, I knit a few rows of alternating knits and purls.  I did most of this while sitting in a dark movie theater, so when I saw that this is perfect car knitting or television knitting, you know that I mean it.  It's definitely coming with me to my local knit night this week.  I'll be in public, I'll be knitting, and I be making progress.  I can't wait!

I hope your works in progress have been worked in public this week!

2 thoughts on “Where This Stops, Nobody Knows: A Very Circular WIP Wednesday”

  • Beth

    I have been on a cowl knitting spree all year. I have a pile of them done. Most were knit on circulars. I used to avoid them, not sure about the process. ;)I have a knitting in public project, but I think Ihave to change it, have to pay too much attention to the pattern. Hmmmmaybe that cowl you mentioned. :)

    • Jen

      I think I go through cowl phases, too! They're so great! That cowl pattern is mostly knits and purls with one 'fiddly' row out of every 7 or so. And now I even have that memorized! I highly recommend it.

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