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Christmas in July Sale!

It's time for a Christmas in July sale!  If you head over to the Leisure Arts website and check out their sale on Christmas items, you can really get into the Christmas spirit without entering a crowded store blaring "The Little Drummer Boy" over loudspeakers and straight into your brain.  The coupon code "JulyChristmas" will take 25% off of some great Christmas patterns and craft books.  I was looking through some of the books on sale and now I'm full of festive ideas.

And naturally, I have to talk about them.

Are you a cross stitch person?  Look at these cross stitch stockings from Donna Kooler's Ultimate Stocking Collection!  The designs remind me of something out a children's storybook.  I love how cheerful they look.

Then there are these knitted stocking patterns from the Stocking Trio epattern. Look at that stripey one!  It's really pretty, but looks simple enough that I can delude myself into thinking I could make it!  I tend to get a bit over-ambitious with my Christmas crafting ideas.  Whatever.  There's still time.

If you'd rather crochet a Christmas stocking, that's cool too because there's Crochet Christmas Stockings.  I love all the different types of stocking patterns that this book has.

Because, you guys?  I could write a whole post about this carrot stocking.  Why do you need a carrot stocking?  Does this make it acceptable to keep your Christmas decorations out until Easter?  Could this double as baby bunting?  Do I need any more reasons to convince myself to crochet this?  Because I'm really feeling it.  It even has roots!

If you're looking for even more amazing crochet designs, then there's the pattern for Crocheted Thread Snowball ornaments.  I think these are stunning.  

There are also these crocheted angels.  My Mamaw made us a few of them, and I kind of "borrowed" one for my Christmas tree after I got married.  These are my very favorite tree toppers.  They're so beautiful and make such wonderful heirlooms.

If a more modern look is your thing, then Jolly Stuff looks pretty good.  I don't know when owl crafts are going to be played out, but I hope it's not any time soon because I think they're really cute. I think "jolly" is a sorely underused term for happy holiday things.  


Okay.  I kind of don't want to talk about this one because then my mom will know about it.  But maybe she already does.  Look Mom, here's some Christmas quilt patterns!  I have a copy of Christmas Sparkle if you want to look at it (and I'm pretty sure you do).  These designs are incredibly lovely. 

And to my dad, or anyone else who is not ready for the most festive of seasons: sorry. 

To everyone else: the sale ends July 31, so you may as well get crazy while you can.  It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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