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Crocheting the Striped Hexagon Dishcloth

I may or may not have a kind of dishcloth problem.  A dishcloth pathology?

For now, let's call it a dishcloth hobby.  If I feel like making anywhere between one and, uh, five dishcloths (like I maybe did last week) then that's just how my summer crafting is going to go.  Dishcloths are quick and cottony and cute.  And also maybe a little addictive but we don't have to talk about that.

I looked through Dishcloths this weekend, which is different from Dishcloths--just not in the department of names.  Trust me, it's a different book.  Anyway, I looked at patterns and I liked a lot of them, but the first one to really grab me was the Striped Hexagon. 

So I made it!

I used Lion Cotton for the navy blue and Sugar'n Cream for the ecru.  The increases were simple, switching colors was simple, and in addition to being simple, I think it took about an hour to make.  And it is quite large.  I probably could have stopped at just  five rows and had a nice size dishcloth.  This is pretty big, though, and that can be handy.  I may go ahead and make it smaller next time.  Because there will be a next time.

This calls for an I hook and surprisingly little yarn.  I didn't think to weigh my yarn and do some math for you to be super specific.  Sorry.  But if you had small skeins, I would guess less than a third.  It's not a lot of yarn for a whole lot of dishcloth.

And sorry to be so obvious, but I really like the hexagon shape.  I may keep this for myself.  I just plain like this pattern!

Do you have any crafting, um, fixations right now?  What are they, and are they dependent on the weather?  Let me know!

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