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Knitting a Yarnover Between Two Knit Stitches

I'm still knitting away on the Tempting Texture pattern from Knit Cowls and I thought I'd point out something.  See the holes in the knitting?

Look closer.  These holes.

They're created with yarn over stitches.  Any time you see holes--intentional ones, anyway!--in knitting, you're looking at yarn overs.  Sometimes they're used as nice-looking increases, and sometimes they're placed in a pattern just to be pretty.  The rows in the Tempting Texture cowl call for yarn overs and knitted together stitches so that the row will have the same number of stitches as all the other rows.  These yarn overs are purely for show.

And I think they look lovely!

And here's how you make one between two knit stitches:

It's a fairly simple technique, but I managed to mess it up the first few times I tried it before I watched a video.

So hooray for videos!  Go forth!  Use this knowledge to make beautiful things!

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