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Knitting the Windblown Square Dishcloth

I decided to break up my dishcloth-crocheting streak with a little dishcloth-knitting action.  I know, I know--I'm a wild woman!  But I really like the textured look of the dishcloths in Knit Dishcloths.  They're styled after quilt squares, and I loved how the designs are made up of only knits and purls.

The book has 15 patterns and I've only tried out 3 so far!  I knitted the Friendship Star and the Nine Patch, and wrote about them in a post over at Knitting and Sewing My Way Through Life.

I really like that these patterns can be worked by either following written instructions, or charts.  As a bonus, there are instructions for Knook users as well!  If you know how to Knook, you can work any knit pattern there is, but you just need to alter the first couple of rows to get yourself started.  Designer Julie A. Ray was nice enough to do that work for any Knookers who are interested in trying out these great patterns, though.  All the more reason to try this at home!

I'm not familiar with the Windblown Square design the way I was with the Nine Patch, or Friendship Star.  But I like it.  The knitted version of it isn't as clear as it would be with fabric pieced together, but I think a quilter would recognize it.


And even people who wouldn't recognize the design would probably still look at this and say "Well, that's a pretty dishcloth!"  Or, at least, I hope someone would.  That's why it's in my gift stash!

And it will be joined by some more knitted dishcloths soon!


All of the patterns from Knit Dishcloths call for your standard medium weight cotton yarn and a Size 8 knitting needle, or a H/8 Knook, so they knit up incredibly quickly.  And attractively.

 Well!  What a pretty dishcloth!

(Someone had to say it.)

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