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One Hat Two Ways: Crocheting the Puppy Hat from Hats and Diaper Covers

I wanted to make matching hats for my daughter and for my new niece or nephew (we find out which in just a couple of days!).  I knew that I wanted the hats to be gender neutral because I couldn't wait just one more week and I knew I wanted them to match.  So I picked out the hat from the Puppy Set in Hats and Diaper Covers.  I figured I could play around with my yarn choices and hook sizes and make some hats that would fit both my little girl and a small baby.  It turns out I was right!

My gauge tends to run fairly large, so I stuck with the recommended I hook for the larger hat and used cotton dishcloth yarn.  Cotton yarn is still medium weight yarn, but it's not as springy or squishy as wool or acrylic yarns.  So when you stretch it, it doesn't bounce back to its original shape.  So it's going to grow with my little girl and the cotton yarn will be a cool hat that she can start wearing even in the summer!  She's going through a hat phase right now, so I may as well make something she can wear right now.

I used Sugarn' Cream dishcloth yarn in ecru and brown, with a little bit of some leftover navy blue scraps because I don't have any black dishcloth yarn.  This hat feels extra sturdy and will wash and dry easily--which is something I think we'll need for our active little girl this summer.

These hat patterns are designed to fit babies 3-6 months old, but most babies that size are just a little bit smaller than a one-year-old or two-year-old!  So I stuck with the same number of rows and increases and wound up with a hat that fits my two-year-old!  She looks absolutely precious in it.

The ears are her favorite part.

For the smaller size, I stuck with acrylic yarn and a G hook.  I left off a couple of the straight rows because this baby won't be born until December and will be a tiny person for the rest of winter.


I used some Red Heart yarn for the tan and some Impeccable Threads for the brown.  They're both acrylic and will only get softer with each washing.  So that's nice.  I want this baby to be warm and cozy.

Playing around with different yarns and hook sizes is a great way to modify a pattern--sometimes you don't even have to use a different weight!  Just the different textures can make the difference in bumping up a hat size to a toddler or shrinking a child's hat pattern down for a baby.  I'm pretty pleased with how both of these hats turned out.

My little girl likes her hat, and I love how sweet it looks on her.  Now I can't wait to take some pictures of the smaller baby hat on a real, live model!

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