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Working the Yarnover in Tunisian Crochet: A Tutorial and an Update

Well. I thought I'd do another update on my Sapphire Wrap* from Short Row Tunisian Fashion as part of Kim Guzman's crochetalong.

I'm still on the first wedge--there are two of them, plus a lace edge--and I'm only slightly farther along than I was last week.

Underwhelming, I know.

That's not a whole lot of progress, but I'm plodding along.  For a while I thought about dropping out of the crochetalong since short rows make me a bit uneasy, and I'm still very new to Tunisian crochet. But then I was watching videos of various techniques and I saw the one for working the yarnover (abbreviated as "YO" in most patterns) in Tunisian crochet and I was delighted to learn that I already knew how to do this one!

Here's the video if you're curious.

So much of crafting is learning a few little things and doing them all in the same project.  The yarnover is just one little thing that the Sapphire Wrap calls for, and once I get to that phase of the pattern I'll be ready!  I definitely don't think I'll be finishing this by the end of July, but taking that pressure off myself actually makes me want to work on this some more! 

So, speaking of which, I think I'm off to do that very thing.  I'm planning to have a lot more than this

to talk about next week!

*The Sapphire Wrap can be purchased individually here.

One thought on “Working the Yarnover in Tunisian Crochet: A Tutorial and an Update”

  • CrochetKim

    At least you now know why I chose this one for a crochet-along. There are so many new things to learn with this pattern. I like to be there for everyone. :-)

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