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A Quick and Easy Felt Flower Project: A Tutorial

Sometimes I step outside my comfort zone of mostly knitting and crocheting and go crazy with a glue gun.  Sometimes it doesn't end in disaster.

I mean, it typically does.  But sometimes it doesn't, so I thought one of the times it didn't warranted a blog post.  Plus, this was a quick and cute project! 

The cute, quick, and post-worthy project I tried out is the Felt Flower Clutch from Crafting with Felt.  My fingers survived, I learned how to make a felt flower, and now I have a nice little clutch to show for it!

You will need:
-a bag.  I bought mine to match the one in the pattern photo, but really any bag will be fine.
-one piece of felt and scrap pieces of felt
-a brooch base pin back.  I wound up using a blood donor pin that was smaller than the recommended size, and it held the flower just fine.
-tracing paper to make templates for the petals and pin base
-a glue gun

First, you will need to cut out 10-12 flower petals and the base.

Then you'll glue the petals to the base, layering them as you work.  Basically, there's a top layer and a bottom layer of petals, and each top layer petal is placed in between two bottom layer petals.


Next, you'll need to cut strips about half an inch wide and 12" long for the center.  I used some pink felt that was the same color as the petals, a bright red strip, and a dark maroon scrap.  I thought the reds would accent the bright pink well because I think reds and pinks are pretty together.  

After stacking the felt strips, roll them into a circle and glue the pieces as you go along.

I used little dabs of glue in between each of the strips as I went further along, just to keep things from getting too 'wiggly'.  The center stayed firmly in place and I was able to put to rest my fear that the whole thing was going on fall apart.  I trimmed the edges, and made sure to cut the outside piece of felt slightly longer than the other two to wrap around them.

Up next, I hot glued the rolled felt to the center of the petals.

Ta da!  It's a flower. 

Lastly, glue the back of the flower base to your pin.  Position the pin wherever you want on your clutch and enjoy your new bag!  The final step is a little anticlimactic, I know.  But I kind of like that nice simple step to cap off the process.  After all that hot glue and permanence, you just pin that flower wherever you want to and you're all set! A jacket!  A hat!  Or, you know, a bag just like the pattern because that's fine, too!

 This project took about one hour to do from start to finish (even with pausing every now and then to take a picture) and cost around $5.

The bag is now, of course, holding toys and toddler treasures because my little girl is apparently a purse person.  I'm not much of a bag person, but I do like crafting.  And now that I know how to dress up any bag she wants to wag around, she gets to be fancy and I get with more craft supplies.  Everyone's a winner!  A felty, floral winner!

And that's not disastrous at all.

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