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Back to School Sale at!

It's back to school time!

There are pros and cons to this (I do not enjoy my morning commute once the school year begins), but even though no one in my family is in school right now I get pretty darn excited about the sales that happen this time of year.

And now that I'm all stocked up on notebooks for the year--and I hope you are, too.  You can never have too many notebooks--lets talk about the books and patterns on sale at Leisure Arts right now!

Back to school crafts?  Why not?

Here's Magnets Thru the Year:

Cutesy misspellings aside, this looks like the perfect thing for teacher gifts!  Also, I love magnets.  These look so cheery!  Beach balls!  Pumpkins!  A surprisingly detailed turkey!  These happy little canvas crafts would make anyone smile.

Up next is Paracord Crafts

I don't understand these, but I'm told this is what the kids are into these days.  I'm not trying to joke about how out-of-touch I am!  I have actually heard from parents with crafting-age children that kids really enjoy making and wearing paracord bracelets.  I was intrigued by this information, so I tried it out for myself.  I'll tell you more about it soon.

Fleece for Babies & Kids looks awesome.  I don't know why these projects are only for babies and kids, but I'm really excited to have a baby-kid living in my home so I can try some of these some time.  I'm seriously wondering how to convince my little girl that she likes teepees.....

Go Crazy With Duct Tape looks like it's chock-full of important knowledge, like how to cover a recliner in duct tape:

And if you don't understand why anyone would need to cover an entire piece of furniture with duct tape, then I envy you because you have clearly never seen the furniture by the dorm dumpster at the end of a school year.  It can be....really something.  Whoa.

And lastly, here's one of the lovely yarn craft patterns:

It's a sweater with crayons.  That uses primary crayon colors.  I love this!  Six-year-old me would have tried to wear this every day!  Present-day me is kind of wondering if I could squeeze into the Size 10 (children's) size of this.  It calls for medium weight yarn and size 6 needles, so there's still time for you to make this for your special student before the colder months get here!

Or for yourself, if you're lucky enough to squeeze into a children's size 10.

Did I mention that this sale is 25% off selected items?  25%!  Just enter the coupon code "BACKTOSCHOOL" at checkout while you still can!

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