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Confessions of a Crochetalong Flunkie

Well, friends, July has come and gone and the time for the Sapphire Wrap Tunisian Crochetalong went with it.

This is my wrap:

Why yes!  Yes, this is a picture from last time.

Imagine if this work were a couple of inches taller.

It obviously has a ways to go.  The contest portion of the crochetalong is over, but the crochetalong can go forever.  I'm sure the rest of us (no!  I am not the only one!) really just need another month or so.  I do wish I'd made a little more progress, but I got off to a late start and I didn't know how to do Tunisian crochet when I decided to join.

What?  It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Actually, it still does.  I didn't comment much in the group--now that I think about it, I might not have at all.  I do not understand how Yahoo! groups work and I'm really bad at forums--but I definitely learned a lot from reading other crocheters' questions and tips and modifications.  That part of the process was invaluable. 

Plus, I just liked seeing other people's pictures of their finished objects.  Do you ever do that thing on Ravelry where you're looking at patterns and you really like the designer's picture and the featured photos are great, but you're not really sold on the pattern until you click the "Projects" link to see what everyone's pictures look like?  Because that's usually what does it for me.  I like to see how people modify a pattern, or just even how it looks with different yarns.  Watching other people's progress and seeing their shawls was encouraging to me.

Because I'm confessing things, it was also kind of encouraging when people would post about frogging something or being confused about a stitch.  I mean, it didn't make me happy, but I was kind of glad to know I wasn't the only person with problems or questions.

This was my first crochetalong and my first Tunisian crochet project!  I'm really looking forward to working my way through the next several million rows, learning how to do lace, and then mastering my final task: uploading a picture to a Yahoo! group folder to show off an FO of my very own.

I'm learning all kinds of things!

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