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Crocheting a Fantastic Little Frog Hat!

Have you seen the book Hats and Diaper Covers 2?

You have now.  And I hope your mind is as blown as mine is because oh my goodness, it's a chubby baby in a frog hat!  With big ol' frog eyes!  Ahhh! 

I've tried out a couple of the hats from the first book because I love a good animal-themed hat, and I am a huge sucker for anything with floppy ears or big eyes.  When I got this book, the cover pattern was the first one I made.

Just look at those eyes!  Both sets of them!   Because yes, once again, I made a hat for my baby nephew and liked it so much that I wound up making it a second time for my two-year-old.  Frogs are unisex, and incredibly adorable.  And I love the idea of matching cousin hats.  As a bonus, this little guy will have a second hat to wear when he outgrows his!

The patterns in Hats and Diaper Covers 2 are written for babies 3-6 months old, so I skipped a few of the straight rows for the smaller hat and added a few (just 2 or 3, I think) for the larger one.  I used some Stitch Nation Full o'Sheep, and that's slightly thicker than the worsted weight yarn called for in the pattern. 

It's also not that easy to wash since this is wool.  But I'm fine with hand washing a hat or two, and these hats are going to be super warm in addition of looking hilariously cute.  As a bonus, it used up the whole skein!  I haven't known what to do with it, and I had enough yarn for everything but the backs of the eyes.  I used some dark green Cascade Yarns Pastaza that I didn't even realize I still had.

 With roughly 200 yards of yarn and an extra long Saturday afternoon, I made two precious little hats and did a little stash-busting!  The pattern was incredibly clear, and the end result is so dadgummed awesome I've made my little girl model her hat for me already.

She ran around saying "A frog! Ribbit ribbit!" a few times and then swam in her kiddie pool for a little while wearing the hat--I kid you not.  I probably took 20 pictures (most of them blurry) because I was enamored with her fast-moving sweetness and, I have to say, my own handiwork.

But come on, look at those eyes!

Both sets of them!

My nephew isn't due until December, but he's going to be so warm and cute when he gets here!  And since I have plenty of time to try out some more of these quick and cute patterns, I think I'm going to try to make a few more of these hats--and maybe a diaper cover or two--in the next few months.  I even know which one I'll probably start next....
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