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Crocheting the Basic Dishcloth in Bright Colors, or an Honest Attempt to

I'm smack in the middle of a few projects and I'm queuing up a few more, and there's a fussy toddler and ohmygoodness it is hot.  And to anyone who wants to say "It's not the heat--it's the humidity!" let me just ask why we can't suffer from both?!

Clearly, I'm not up for a challenging project.  But of course I want a project.

Enter the Basic Dishcloth in Bright Colors from Dishcloths.

No, really.  That's the name of the pattern.  If there's a more basic name, I can't think of it.

And let me just say, the pattern title is not misleading.  If this were any simpler, I'd be crocheting rows of single crochet stitches until I had a square.

Instead, I'm alternating single crochet and double crochet stitches until I have a square.  The result is a project that makes me pay just enough attention to keep from slipping up and doing something dumb, and a dishcloth that's textured without looking fussy.

I have to be honest and admit that my brain is so easily overwhelmed that 1) I initially misspelled "overwhelmed," and 2) I did lose count on my beginning row a few times and I had to start over.  And that's why this is a "I'm working on this dishcloth" post instead of a "Here is a stack of dishcloths I made!" kind of post.

I had good intentions.

Oh well.  I've got this little pattern memorized, I've got bright yarns to make a few more dishcloths with, and I've already got a slightly calmer mind and happier spirit now that I know about this dishcloth.  It's going to have real scrubbing power AND it's easy on my hands to crochet.

It's not going to get rid of this muggy heat (there's no cure for August but September!), but it's small, cottony, and cheerful.

I haven't even finished it and it's the kind of project that makes me feel better already.

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