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Just a Little Bit of Loveliness

I love crafting because it's pretty. I like to make pretty things for pretty little babies, or find ways to make my home a little bit prettier.  For the past few busy and baby-filled years, though, I've held back on more decorative crafts because they seemed a little impractical.

But even though I love to make things that can be worn or used to keep warm or clean up a mess, there is something to be said for breaking out the glue gun and making something that's purely decorative.  And I was in that kind of mood this weekend, so I checked out Crafting with Ribbons and Buttons

As someone who likes to think I live pretty simply, I was both appalled and delighted to discover that I had enough supplies to make several of the projects here.  If you have ribbons and a button jar, you're pretty well set!

 Since I tend to get a little clumsy with ribbons, I thought I'd start myself off small with the Button Bouquet.  Well, just the vase for it.  I don't have a picture from the book to include, but the bouquet is made of buttons and floral wire.  Mixing floral wire and a toddler sounded like a bad idea (and I've misplaced my wire cutter.  But go me for actually remembering that I have one!), so I just stuck with the vase. 

I used a spice jar for my little vase.

Then I grabbed my ribbon that I bought for $1 a few summers ago, and a button from my button jar.

Who knew these two things would make my little spice jar look festive and dressed up?

But it did!

I picked some of the scraggly little marigolds from the pots on our balcony and my little girl put them in the vase.  As short as they are, they look much better in the vase than they do in a jelly jar.  Not even one of those quilted half-pints could compete with some bright ribbon and a button!  I loved this craft and can't wait to try some more of the projects in Crafting with Ribbons and Buttons.

Oh yes. This will involve both paint AND a glue gun.

But for now I'm going to enjoy this small bit of loveliness on my table.

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