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Loom Knitting a Ruffle Scarf

I don't know much about loom knitting.  I've seen people use knitting looms and one of my friends uses them to make some adorable baby hats.  But hanging on to a loom seemed a little trickier than holding a knitting needle, and so I never really bothered learning much about it.

Ditto for mesh yarn.  I've seen those ruffly scarves and I even once sat next to a knitter making a scarf with some of it and spent the evening watching her swear at her messed up stitches because of poor lighting.

But I write for a craft blog, which means I get some cool excuses to try out new things for no reason other than that sometimes the website guys at Leisure Arts email me and ask "Hey, are you able to try [insert craft here]?" and I reply "Give me the tools and we'll find out."

Seriously, that's pretty much how it goes.  When it comes to crafting, I'm up for anything as long as I have supplies and good instructions.

So they sent me tools.

And yarn.

And a pattern for the Long Ruffled Scarf from Loom Knit Hats and Scarves.

And ta da!

I made a scarf!  With ruffle yarn!  On a loom!  And it is, in fact, very long!

And!  And I had fun!  Super awesome!

Prior to making this scarf, I didn't even know why there were different types of looms.  (Another reason why I wanted them to mail me one--I didn't want to buy the wrong kind!)  But now I know that this type of loom is called a straight loom and that knitting on it--especially knitting with ruffle yarn--is a little bit strange and a lot of fun. 

Having the yarn stretched out on the loom's pegs makes keeping track of it significantly easier.

I've read that some people can loom knit without a hook, but I liked using it and thought it was especially handy for all the lacey holes in the yarn.  Which, by the way, is Red Heart's Sashay yarn.  One skein is only 30 yards, but that's all you need for a sparkly, ruffly scarf!

Well, that and the loom.

But if you need just a bit more than that, tutorials for every technique in the Loom Knit Hats and Scarves can be found here.

Have fun!

One thought on “Loom Knitting a Ruffle Scarf”

  • Mom2Four

    I love the blue, fluffy, springy bounciness of this scarf!! Super cute. I also admire your bravery for trying so many new things, all of the time.Your gift stash must be quite healthy by now and very lovely. I live at the same place ;)!!

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