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Nine, Ten: A Big Fat Hen!

I want to like amigurumi.

Let me rephrase that.  I want to like making little crocheted cute things.  But I usually don't.  It also doesn't help matters that my little girl sometimes dislikes the creatures I make.  Intensely dislikes.

But. (There's always a "but" with me...)

But I like chickens.  After raising them for eggs, meat, and show for nearly ten years, my of chickens and chicken-related things surpasses my apprehension about some failed crochet projects and my daughter's occasional fear of little crocheted animals.

I'm telling you, I really like chickens.

So when I saw the Chicken pattern from  Farm Animals, I went for it.  A crocheted chicken!  How could I not?!

So I went for it, and I'm glad I did.  Because I really enjoyed this.  A lot.  And by that I mean that I started on the wings a little before bed one night and the next thing I knew, it was past midnight and I'd also finished the head and body.

Did you ever just wake up to chicken parts?

 I used Stitch Nation's Full o'Sheep yarn in the Little Lamb colorway for the body, head, and wings;  Poppy for the eyes, waddle, and comb; and some scraps of dark yellow acrylic for the feet and beak.

 Now, the pattern calls for craft eyes, but I didn't do that because I couldn't bring myself to find that aisle of a craft store.  And I definitely couldn't bring myself to stare into those dead yellow eyes, just like making eye contact with an actual chicken.  So instead I stitched some eyes into the center of the eyes and waddle pieces for eyes.

I think the end result is a toy that looks more like a toy.  It won't present a choking hazard for my daughter and I can sleep at night knowing those eyes aren't watching me.

But that's the only modification I made.  I stuck to the pattern as faithfully as I could, but accidentally sewed the comb on a little farther back than I intended.

It still turned out okay, though.  Even the beak, which was a little larger than I wanted it to be, looks like the chicken is smiling a bit.

The white portions are excellent for stash busting, and the rest just used up a few yards of scraps.

The pattern was incredibly simple and clear, and mostly calls for single crochet stitches.  The whole thing is surprisingly simple, and if you're not familiar with sewing crocheted fabric together then you certainly will be by the time you finish this!  
I feel a little more familiar with crocheted toys now, and I love how this chicken looks.
And what did my little girl think of it?

Let's just say she's becoming her mother's daughter a little more every day.
Especially when it comes to chickens and crocheting.  I couldn't be happier about it.
Apparently, neither can this chicken.
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