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Weekends are for Finishing Things. And Starting Them.

It's the end of the workday and now the weekend is here! I love having 2 days to do things like take my daughter to the library, go to the farmers market as a family, laugh with my friends in my knitting group.....and work like crazy around the house during nap time.  Ironing!  Taking care of my disastrous craft corner!  Mopping!

Okay, those aren't the most thrilling of weekend plans, but I'll be a much happier person once those tasks are accomplished. 

Because that means I can spend more time with these:

I recently learned how to crochet circles into squares from the book Learn to Crochet Circles into Squares.  Yes, there's a book full of patterns for circles you crochet into squares.  Rejoice!

I really like the pattern for a purse.

I thought I would add a row to each side to make a market bag.  I won't be carrying it when I wasn't the farmers market tomorrow morning, but I hope I will be next Saturday. 

Here's to a productive crafting weekend!  I hope you get a lot done on your projects!

And that you don't have to mop.

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