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A Dishcloth So Nice, I Made it Twice

Another week, another dishcloth post.  I need to make some dishcloths for wedding gifts in the next few weeks, and I wanted to try out the Granny Border pattern from Dishcloths. It's a winner!

This is a pretty basic pattern--just a few increases in your corners, granny square style, and you've got yourself a dishcloth!  This is six rows of seriously simple crocheting.  I wound up making a second one just because. 

I love red dishcloths.   

 I love finding nice scraps in contrasting colors for interesting borders.

I love helping make a kitchen a little more cheerful.

The Granny Border pattern is made up of double and single crochet stitches, and would be an excellent introduction to joining work and turning rows for a newer crocheter.

It also makes a very solid dishcloth.  I love the idea of making several of these for a gift, or just to add some cheerfulness to your kitchen.

Double the cheer!

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