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Crocheting a Baby Fox Kit Hat!

I picked up Baby Stuff the other day because I liked the straightforward title, I liked the chubby little cover model (those cheeks!), and I like to crochet baby stuff.  It seemed only right to try out the cute little hat from the cover.

I looked at the cute little Kitten Baby Hat pattern for a while, and realized it would also work as a fox!  My pregnant sister's husband has just discovered foxes, and now he's excited about the fox possibilities for baby clothes and accessories.  I wish you could have seen him last year when he finally caught on to that whole owl trend.  It was adorable. Ever since my sister mentioned this, I've had cute baby fox things on the brain.  This hat seemed like the perfect fox-centric project!

Aside from substituting orange and black yarn for pink and gray, I crocheted the hat itself exactly according to the pattern, which is worked flat and then stitched up.  I followed the stitching instructions for the face and ears as well, and the ears are the only modification I made.

I worked single crochet stitches starting at the beginning of the ear and I worked a (single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, half double crochet, and single crochet) in each corner in an attempt to make the ears just a little bit more pointy.

This is such a sweet little hat!  I made it in the six-month size (there's also a twelve-month size), but realized my small daughter's small head could probably wear it just fine.

However, unlike Monday's alligator success.....well, you've probably noticed that there are only pictures of this hat laid out and not of it being modeled on an opinionated toddler head.

On the plus side, there's a really good chance now that my brother-in-law is actually going to be excited when he sees some of the things I've made for my new nephew!

Maybe I should do some modification math and see if I can make them a matching pair.

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