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Crocheting Socks. Yes. Socks!

While I'm entertaining thoughts of becoming a sock knitter, I thought I'd go ahead and learn to be a sock crocheter as well.  Why not?  I've been trying to learn more about crochet for the past few months and, since crochet stitches tend to be a bit taller than knit stitches, I thought that I might be able to add some socks to my Christmas gift stash.

And beside, crocheted socks.  The novelty appealed to me.

So I bought I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting Socks and got to it!

I'm starting myself off with the tube socks, because those are pretty plain and simple. 

But there are instructions for socks with heels, too!  And you can go top-down, or toe-up!  Options, man!  There's a whole world of crocheted socks I had never heard about.

The Tube Socks call for lightweight yarn, and I'm using some Loops & Threads baby yarn that's a 3.

And so far, things are going well!  They seem too large or too baggy or too gray at times, but then I put them on my foot and they look fine.   They're for a friend who's turning 12, and nearly every twelve-year-old boy in the universe is bigger than I am.  So I'm hoping these will see some use.  I also used acrylic yarn because if these socks see any use at all, they're going to need to see a washing machine as well.

This pattern calls for the extended single crochet stitch, which lends a little give to the crocheted fabric but keeps it's not as 'open' as most crochet stitches.  See?

These are coming right along, and I'm already asking myself two things.  1) Do I have some lightweight yarn for the top stripes, or will I keep these super plain and basic?  2)  Do I have enough of this yarn for my own pair?  Because these are feeling pretty comfy and I'm starting to like them a lot!

2 thoughts on “Crocheting Socks. Yes. Socks!”

  • Kristi Kershaw

    Where do I find the pattern for your crochet socks?

    • Trevor Collins

      Hello Kristi,

      You will be able to find the pattern in the I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting Socks. I have provided the link below.

      -Trevor C
      E-Commerce Intern

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