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I Found Out Where Quilt Squares Come From!

I know where quilt squares come from!  I'm still working on the Jennifer quilt pattern from 3 Times the Charm, Book 2.  The block-making process was going well until my bobbin ran out of thread and I made the very sad discovery that I bookmarked the wrong tutorial for winding a push button bobbin.  But before I ran out of thread, I did sew together enough fabric squares to finally understand what the instructions meant when I was reading about how to make the quilt blocks.

The quilt is made up by arranging two types of blocks.  It's really that simple.

First you take a base pattern block and a charm pack block (or a square from your own fabric stash):

and draw a line diagonally across your base color block.

Then you sew two lines on either side of your drawn line, at whatever seam allowance is called for in the pattern.

80 pieces of fabric, just waiting for greatness.

I took a picture right before I made the cut, and then I just held my breath for a while because I'm not too steady with straight lines and rotary cutters.

 I know, I know.  Why am I making a quilt out of more than just plain squares? I don't know!  I guess because I like pretty fabric!  Plus, why not?  Quilts are cool!

Now look!  Two squares!

When you arrange them like this, you get one type of block.

And when you arrange them like this, you get another!

My mind is blown by this pretty simple process.  Admittedly, it doesn't take much to impress me but COME ON!  This is pretty impressive. 

I'm totally excited about doing this dozens more times!  I know I'll be fine, even with the straight lines and the rotary cutter.  Practice makes perfect, and I have a great lung capacity.  If I hold my breath, and maybe set my tongue just right, I'll get a freshly wound bobbin in that machine and I can really get started on this awesome project.

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