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It's Always a Good Time to Make a Dishcloth Dress!

I had a little spare time to myself last night, so I knitted the Going Dancing #1 pattern from Dishcloth Dresses.

I had picked out the bright pink and teal green over the weekend, but only had a chance to knit 4 rows.  So I was more than ready to dive right into this stripey dishcloth dress.  I like dishcloth dresses enough as it is, and I wanted to try out this dress.

Yarnovers and knitting stitches together creates these ripples, and if you've never practiced knitting two stitches together through the back loops (K2TOG tbl), this project is a nice introduction to them.  The end result is a swishy looking dishcloth dress that makes your kitchen look ready for a dancing soap bottle!

I love cheerful kitchens, and you can't much more cheerful than a dress for your dish soap.  I need some wedding gifts, and I think the bride will get a kick out of this.  I certainly got a kick out of making it, and I smile every time I look at it.

If this winds up washing a few dirty dishes, I think the bright colors will camouflage any possible stains.  And if it lives on a dish soap bottles for the rest of its days, then those bottles will always be the prettiest cleaning products in the room!

I really feel like I give amazing gifts.  I don't even mind saying it.  It's a dancing dress that's a dishcloth!  What young couple starting out couldn't use one of these?

Don't answer that.  Don't spoil this dress's fun--not on a weekend!  Did I mention that this pattern is named Going Dancing #1?  Maybe I should try out Going Dancing #2 pretty soon!

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