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Totes Adorable: Crocheting a Market Bag

I finished my giant market bag!  I took the Purse pattern from Learn to Crochet Circles into Squares, and added an extra row on each side of the bag.  I also switched from acrylic yarn to cotton, because that somehow seemed more market-y to me.

Also, I had an entire cone of cotton yarn because I make silly choices when it comes to yarn--especially cotton yarn this summer.

Just to review, this is the picture from the pattern:


And this is what I made:

For reference, I'm 5'2".

I still have plenty of green yarn left, and the cream and blue circles used up my two large partial-skeins.  I wasn't creative enough to use up my scraps and figure out what would match the green, but this would be a great way to use up leftovers.  There's something about circles that looks so cheerful, and this could be a great bag for groceries or beach trips.  Just think of how it would look with circles and squares of all different colors.

Think of the possibilities!

Color and fiber changes aside, I didn't make any other modifications to the bag except for that extra row of squares.  Well, okay, and I crocheted the two sides together because I'm not the biggest fan of seaming and crocheting the edge of the bag seemed much more sturdy to me.

Well, and I sewed the strap on twisted.

I regret nothing!  This bag will suit me just fine at the farmers market.  The strap is long enough for me to wear this across my chest, or over my shoulder.  This was a fun pattern to use for practicing more front post double crochet stitches, and for crocheting squares around circles.

I love this pattern, and it's lovely for a purse or for a bag.  

Totes adorable.
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