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A Tiny Garter Stitch Hat

After knitting the Punkin' Patch Hat from Warm Hats for Wee Noggins a while ago, I decided to try the Basic Paper Bag Hat in the smallest preemie size possible.

I've been on a garter stitch kick lately, and I liked that it was a simple pattern that didn't look too simple or sloppy.  I don't know of any hospitals in my area that need preemie hats right now and (praise God) all of the preemies I know are now big kids.

But I still wanted to have a hat or two on hand, just in case.  I had taken some partial skeins of soft acrylic yarn from a destashing friend several months ago, and I wanted to put them to good use.

 Warm Hats for Wee Noggins has patterns for very, very wee noggins--there are 3 preemie sizes and 3 full-term sizes for each pattern.

The Basic Paper Bag Hat is garter stitch for 7" and then a little bit of sewing.  Seven inches.

If I remember right, my baby's head was something like 15" around at birth (3 days past her due date).  And for comparison, here's the hat next to the Frog Hat from Hats and Diaper Covers 2.  The hats in that book are for babies in the 3-6 month range.

The hat on the left is for my nephew, who's due in December.  I don't plan to need that little hat on the right for him, and a small part of me didn't even want to make it while his mommy was still making him.  It almost feels like I'm jinxing something. 

Yes, I know how silly that sounds. 

I have a few balls of yarn, and they're not enough for full-term-size baby hats.  So I'll make a few more of these itty bitty hats, and stash them away.

I may need to dig out larger portions of yarn, though.  This is a sweet little hat, and I think my gift stash could use some larger sizes of this pattern!

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