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Cast-onitis: Best Thing Ever or Worst Thing Ever?

I bought this yarn last weekend.

It's Malabrigo Rios.  200ish yards of 100% merino in some of the lovliest fall colors imaginable.  I am in love.  I think this is the real thing.

There are a few more baby projects I want to take care of, but with all the baby showers out of the way for a while, I'm starting to focus more on holiday crafting.  Or anything and everything I've been thinking about trying out, but haven't gotten around to lately.  Or maybe, and stop me if this starts to sound too crazy, something for myself. 

Yes.  I really want to make (probably knit) a hat or a cowl for myself out of this gorgeous, soft, autumnal, glorious, yarn. 

I've been looking through my Ravelry queue and flipping through pattern books, and you know what's really grabbing me?  The Tonal Twist Hat from Hats & More.

Just look at it!  Or try to.  There wasn't a picture on the website, but this is what my camera's capable of at 9 o'clock at night.

But even with a bit of a glare, I know you can catch the twists and cables and even the columns that show off nice changes in color.  I really like how this hat is slouchy without being sloppy.  It's intricate without being fussy.

And it's quite smiply gorgeous. 

Just like my yarn.

I don't remember the last time I successfully made a hat for an adult--I try to avoid that sort of thing during the summer.  But we're nearly finished with October and I think this cooler weather is here to stay.  What better way to celebrate by casting on a dozen or so wonderful wooly projects and wearing a pretty fall-looking hat?!

I don't think I suffer from cast-onitis at all.  In fact, I think I enjoy it.

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